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  • Fragrant peonies bloomed

    In the bishop's garden, pink peonies, sometimes called thornless roses, bloomed.

  • Laburnum in the bishop's garden

    In the bishop's garden, laburnum bloomed, also known as golden rain, goldbush and shrub dripping with gold.

  • Black tulips

    The season for tulips is coming to an end, and we have a special surprise in our bishop's gardens.

  • We invite you to the exhibition "St. Joseph's Foundation Orphanage in the Lidzbark Castle, 1859-1932"

    Postcard from the collection of Yevgeny Borodiy.

  • Bishop's Gardens

    Our tulips are already blooming, so we are still taking pictures of them.

  • We cordially invite you to the Lidzbark Castle.

    New exhibitions are open, bishop's gardens are open, we cordially invite you to the Lidzbark Castle.

  • The bishop's gardens are dominated by tulips, which symbolize spring, grace, elegance and love.

    Tulips attract attention with their different shapes, and their intense colors have their own symbolism. According to Turkish legend, red tulips mean perfect love, yellow tulips are a symbol of joy, white tulips are purity and innocence, pink tulips express sentiment and care for a person, and purple tulips are a sign of royal power and perfection.

  • "New exhibition "In the Castle Kitchen"

    Intensive work is underway on the new exhibition "In the Castle Kitchen".

  • Allegory of Winter

    The second sculpture that has returned from conservation is the Allegory of Winter, an eighteenth-century sandstone statue - placed on a prepared pedestal in the northern part of the Theatre of Flowers. For the time being, it is surrounded by tiny evergreen, shade-loving plants.

  • Allegory of Summer

    In our gardens, on pedestals, there are sculptures that have returned from conservation. It was the first one – the Allegory of Summer, an eighteenth-century sandstone figure – that stood on a pedestal in the southern part of the Theatre of Flowers.

  • Palace on the Parcham

    It's a bit cold, so this time the view of the garden from the windows of the reconstructed wing/connector of the former Baroque Palace on the Parcham.

  • Lapidarium

    In our lapidarium, we presume that since the 60s of the twentieth century (unfortunately, no record of the acquisition has survived), there were stone balls on pedestals, commonly known from the old palaces and mansions of our region (e.g. Łabędnik, Bogatyńskie).

  • Gardens

    You ask when it will be possible to visit the gardens; Wait a minute, please wait until spring, you have to finish everything, take care of it, let the trees and plants be strengthened, let the lighting, the paths "be cleared" and you will be able to wander and wander...

  • Hellebores at the Theatre of Flowers

    Winter and snow, which was still lying in a thick layer a few days ago, are hellebores, bravely blooming in the flower beds of the Theatre of Flowers.

  • Preparations for a new exhibition.

    Preparations are underway for an exhibition telling the story of the St. Joseph's Foundation Orphanage, which operated in the Lidzbark castle in the years 1859-1932.

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