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Fragrant peonies bloomed

2024-05-27 11:57:04 (ost. akt: 2024-05-27 11:59:29)

In the bishop's garden, pink peonies, sometimes called thornless roses, bloomed.

Peonies, apart from their wonderful smell and beautiful shape, have cultural significance and symbolism in various societies.
In Chinese culture, the peony is revered as the "king of flowers" and symbolizes wealth, honor, and nobility. In Western cultures, peonies are often associated with romance, prosperity, and good luck, making them a popular choice for weddings and special occasions.
Czesław Miłosz "By the Peonies"
Peonies bloom, white and pink,
And inside each, like in a fragrant pitcher,
Groups of beetles are talking,
Because the flower is given to the beetles for a dwelling.
Mother stands over the flower bed with peonies,
He reaches for one and opens the petals,
And looks at the peony lands for a long time,
For whom the year is one moment.
Then the flower lets go and, what she thinks,
He repeats loudly to both the children and himself.
And the wind sways the green leaves
And specks of light run across their faces.