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The bishop's gardens are dominated by tulips, which symbolize spring, grace, elegance and love.

2024-04-26 09:14:16 (ost. akt: 2024-04-26 09:19:19)

Tulips attract attention with their different shapes, and their intense colors have their own symbolism. According to Turkish legend, red tulips mean perfect love, yellow tulips are a symbol of joy, white tulips are purity and innocence, pink tulips express sentiment and care for a person, and purple tulips are a sign of royal power and perfection.

The bishop's gardens are dominated by tulips, which symbolize spring, grace, elegance and love.
The symbolism of the color of tulips
Pink tulips are a sign of happiness, joy, tenderness. Such a tulip means a happy person who is satisfied with life. Pink tulips can be presented to friends, sisters, beloved women.
White tulips - symbolize tenderness, purity and, combined with the meaning of the tulip, means pure, sincere love. White tulips bring good luck in love. The pure white color speaks of peace, unconditional love and sincerity of feelings that know no obstacles. When you look at the white tulips, you can feel an incredible wave of peace and tranquility, as the white color also symbolizes spirituality and inspiration.
The red color of the tulip is a sign of passionate love, enthusiasm, fire, a storm of emotions. It is not just a symbol of tender affection, it is a sign of desire and admiration.
Yellow tulips - contrary to popular opinion, they are not a sign of separation and betrayal, they are flowers of joy, a symbol of a happy smile of a loved one. The color of the sunlight is only positive. Yellow tulips are given to artists, so they embody the rays of success and glory.
Lilac tulips - are considered, as a sign of affection, warmth. The lilac color symbolizes loyalty. It is believed that the deeper and richer the color, the stronger the feeling. For business partners and employees, a business bouquet of tulips with purple flowers will become a symbol of long-term business relationships.
Orange tulips - symbolize the warmth of the soul, the joy of meeting, kindness. They arouse enthusiasm and desire, convey the wish for good health and humor for the whole day.
Tulips still have many shades not listed above. Dappled tulips speak of beautiful eyes, and cream-colored tulips are used to express commitment. In any case, regardless of the color of the tulip, this flower is considered one of the most beautiful on Earth.
A variety of colors and shades of tulips can be, like paints on an artist's palette, mixed into a floral arrangement and create a bouquet of tulips, revealing all the shades of the mood.


The Bishop's Gardens in April are open on all days of the week except Monday from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
You are cordially invited

photo: M.Rucińska