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Heilsberg Library

2023-12-04 12:16:48 (ost. akt: 2023-12-04 12:21:29)

We are starting a series of posts about the fate of the Heilsberg Library. Otto Walde's Swedish monograph inspires an article about the Heilsberg Library.

Heilsberg Library
780 years ago, Warmia became an autonomous state of the Church, the place of residence of the bishops of Warmia. From the beginning of the bishops' stay at the castle in Heilsberg, they were engaged in gathering the book collection.
In the 30s of the twentieth century, Eugen Brachvogel (1882-1942), rector of the Braniewo seminary, the creator of the Copernicus museum in Frombork, became interested in the castle library. In 1929, the scholar wrote an article in German entitled "Die Bibliothek der Burg Heilsberg."
The text was inspired by a Swedish publication about the theft of books in Warmia, containing information about prints after 1500.
"Storhetstidens litterara krigsbyten, en kulturhistorisk-bibliografisk studie", by university professor Otto Walde (1879-1963) written in Uppsala.
Source: E. Brachvogel. Die Bibliothek der Burg Heilsberg. Zeitschrift für die Geschichte und Altertumskunde Ermlands : ZGAE 23 (1929) p. 276. published by Historischer Verein für Ermland.
Translation: Beata Blazejewicz-Holzhey.
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