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Allegory of Summer

2023-10-30 09:21:48 (ost. akt: 2023-10-30 09:45:12)

The first seedlings have already been planted in the "Theatre of Flowers", and we present the second sculpture, which will be placed in the bishop's gardens in the spring.

Allegory of Summer
Allegorical sculpture, Female figure, standing, with a sheaf of grain at her right leg, Baroque, XVIII century.
The sculpture was made of Gotland sandstone and is an allegorical representation of summer, as indicated by the attribute of a sheaf of grain at the woman's right leg.
The original destination of the sculpture should be associated with the garden in the intermediate moat, where in the 90s of the XVIII century.
The so-called "Theatre of Flowers" was created. Right next to it, on both sides of the bridge leading to the castle, two fountains were placed. Lidzbark owes the expansion of the castle gardens to Bishop Ignacy Krasicki's love for flowering plants. It was thanks to him that one of the first English-style gardens was created in Warmia. They were complemented by stone sculptures depicting mythological figures or allegorical scenes. These types of figures were an indispensable element of garden architecture.