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Historical culinary festival "Castle flavors"

2023-09-01 13:01:58 (ost. akt: 2023-09-01 13:05:07)

We cordially invite you next Saturday, September 9 to the castle in Lidzbark Warmiński for the historical culinary festival "Castle flavors".

Historical culinary festival Castle flavors
You will be able to taste delicacies from centuries ago: podpłomyki, roasted and smoked meat and fish, bread straight from the oven, herbal infusions, eggs in the ashes, soldiers' delicacies, dishes straight from the cauldron. We will present the cuisine of the former inhabitants of Warmia, peasant, court and soldier's. You will be able to try working with querns and unfettered contact with clay.
The event implemented as part of the project "Conservation and restoration of the fourteenth-century castle in Lidzbark Warmiński – pearls of Gothic architecture in Poland – stage III" is co-financed from funds received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under EEA funds, from the state budget and co-financed by the Self-Government of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.
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