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The story of Ferdinand Schulz-Icarus from Warmia

2023-01-30 11:06:07 (ost. akt: 2023-01-30 12:57:06)

Izabela Treutle recalled the amazing story of Ferdinand Schulz-Ikar from Warmia, multiple world champion in gliding.

The story of Ferdinand Schulz-Icarus from Warmia
Then the participants visited the exhibition "Ferdinand Schulz - gliding in former East and West Prussia".
The central place of the exhibition is occupied by a model of a glider constructed by the master in a 1:2 scale from wires and brush sticks.
Then the participants of the meeting went to the Lidzbark cemetery, to the monument of Ferdinand Schulz.
We would like to thank the Warmia and Mazury Branch of PTTK in Olsztyn for coming so many times and Izabela Treaule for the lecture.
The meeting is part of the project "Conservation and restoration of the fourteenth-century castle in Lidzbark Warmiński – pearls of Gothic architecture in Poland – stage III", implemented from funds received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under EEA funds and the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.
Together we work towards a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.
Co-financed by the Self-Government of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.
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