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Time capsule in Lidzbark Castle AD 2015

2015-10-30 09:19:35 (ost. akt: 2021-09-02 19:29:57)

Time capsule in Lidzbark Castle AD 2015
On Thursday, October 29, 2015, a time capsule was made and placed in the sphere of the castle spire of the tower, in place of the capsule found there a week ago from the time of the last renovation of the Lidzbark castle.
A two-page letter describing the scope of renovation and conservation works, their financing, as well as the company and teams conducting the work was placed in the capsule. In addition, we have put on the latest Thursday edition of Gazeta Lidzbarska and a leaflet from this year's event at the Castle – "The Castle comes to life", from July 18, 2015. In addition, a list of construction workers and conservators, a list of employees of the Warmia Museum and a 10 PLN banknote, 1 PLN and 1 grosz coins.
The letters were written in ink, pencil on acid-free paper. We added a sentence at the end: To the knowledge of posterity, we write with a pen on paper, but we have the Internet, payment cards and a virtual world. The workers added: unlike most construction companies, we all work on the basis of an employment contract.
The capsule made of copper sheet was made by the finder of the previous one, Rafał Wróbel from Boguchwał. The capsule has been tightly soldered so that it will be resistant to moisture and time. It was packed by construction manager Robert Karwacki.

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