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Continuation of revitalization works of the castle of the Warmian bishops – II Norwegian project.

2015-07-18 11:36:15 (ost. akt: 2021-09-02 19:41:42)

Continuation of revitalization works of the castle of the Warmian bishops
– II Norwegian project.
The successful completion of the project "Rescue conservation works of the cloisters of the Lidzbark Castle" allowed to outline the key revitalization needs for the entire castle complex For optimal preparation of subsequent stages of revitalization, further research hypotheses were verified. The unveiled paintings were the subject of an international seminar with the participation of employees of the Czech Academy of Sciences, who confirmed the proximity of the Lidzbark and Czech paintings (especially the monastery in Emmaus, Prague Cathedral, Karlstejn Castle). They are united by workshop and formal analogies, as well as physicochemical analogies of the materials used. Constant monitoring of weather conditions prevailing on the open cloister was also carried out. The castle itself also became the subject of analysis and architectural research crowned with the defense of the doctoral thesis at the Warsaw University of Technology.
An interdisciplinary team was established at the Museum of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, which was responsible for conducting the necessary analyzes regarding the conservation and renovation needs in the castle and other elements that were to be included in the scope of subsequent stages of restoring the splendor of the Lidzbark residence. This team was responsible for preparing cost estimates, projects, market analyses, obtaining permits and submitting an application form the basis for the next Norwegian project. The team's work ended with the development of a program for the revitalization of the historical seat of the bishops. Its most important elements made up the second stage, which received the title "Conservation and restoration of the fourteenth-century castle in Lidzbark Warmiński – pearls of Gothic architecture in Poland".
The second stage of work in the castle of the Warmian bishops focuses on improving the quality of the infrastructure of the priceless monument, performing the most urgent installation repairs and continuing work on priceless cloisters and their unique decorations.
As part of the project, the roofs of the four wings of the castle as well as the corner turrets and the castle tower were to be renovated. The facades of the castle, the face of the turrets and the tower in the octagonal part will also be preserved. Conservation and restoration works of the walls and vaults of the first floor of the cloisters will be continued. The following networks and installations will be replaced: plumbing, fire protection and central heating. Electrical and lightning protection installations will be modernized. In the space of the cloisters will be installed intelligent lighting. Two floors of basements in the north wing will be adapted for exhibition purposes. Modernization works of external water and sewage networks, rainwater networks, drainage works of the entire castle will be carried out. Drainage works and at the facades will be accompanied by archaeological and architectural research.
In the renovated cellars of the north wing, a museum exhibition devoted to the building history of the castle will be arranged. The entire castle will be inventoried in the form of a point cloud (3D). Virtual sightseeing paths will be developed for its parts.
For the duration of the works, the collections stored here will be evacuated from the castle. A temporary warehouse will be prepared to protect them properly, ensuring appropriate climatic and infrastructural conditions. Monuments will be properly cared for both during transport and during storage in a temporary warehouse. The most endangered exhibits from the collection of antique furniture will undergo full conservation. To improve the quality of the cultural and educational offer, new equipment will be purchased.
The idea of the planned activities is to continue the renovation and conservation works of the castle, thanks to which the priceless monument will be preserved for future generations. The implementation of the project will allow to make new spaces available for exhibition and educational purposes. This will not only increase the quality of the offer of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury Branch operating in the castle, but will also increase the tourist and cultural potential of Lidzbark Warmiński. Renovation and conservation works and increasing the exhibition area will translate into the preparation of new cultural and educational activities addressed to wide groups of recipients, including socially excluded or disabled people. They will also contribute to raising the potential of the local community.
The implementation of the project will slow down the destruction of the priceless substance of the Lidzbark castle, improve access to the facility and raise the standard of gift collections here. The risk of network and installation failures will be minimized. All this will translate into an increase in the quality of storage of museum collections and the conservation of mobile objects. The cloister paintings will be preserved and their composition will be made more readable. New exhibition areas will allow to present the history of the castle.

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