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Activities in the project

2010-10-07 00:00:00 (ost. akt: 2021-09-02 17:57:11)

The project foresees 5 activities:

Action 1 – Repair of the roof of the cloisters, courtyard including pavement. As part of the action, research work was explained, paving surface repositioning – correction of bleeds, rainwater drainage system. Action 2 - Maintenance of brick walls and replacement of plasters. As part of the activity, it is planned to carry out research works preceding the conservation of brick threads, conservation of brick threads along with painting decoration, rebuilding of brick threads, maintenance of the sundial, replacement of plasters (vaults and ground floor blendes, arcades, back of the balustrade), metal renovation (fasteners and anchors). Action 3 - Conservation of stone elements and wooden balustrade. [/ b] As part of the activity, work on polychrome stone portals, portals made of brick fittings, preparation of conservation documentation, stone conservation (granite columns, ground floor, columns, covers of the balustrade of the first floor made of compact limestone), necessary structural reinforcements, stone replacements and reconstructions, maintenance of stone stairs and wooden balustrade are planned. [b] Action 4- Rescue consolidation and preservation of paintings on walls and vaults. [/ b] As part of the activity, research works were planned – development of a concept for the conservation of paintings on walls and ceilings, tests and rescue consolidation of polychromes, technical maintenance of polychromes on the walls and vaults of the first floor of the cloisters. [b] Action 5 - For the management of the project (including promotion). [/ b] [Img] [/ img]