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Training "Principles of effective promotion in cultural institutions"

2021-07-28 12:00:00 (ost. akt: 2021-09-02 11:58:01)

Lidzbark Warmiński Castle, July 28, 2021

Training Principles of effective promotion in cultural institutions

Author: Łukasz Kulicki

"Principles of effective promotion in cultural institutions" - this is the topic of the training, which took place on July 28 at the castle in Lidzbark Warmiński. The training was addressed to people working in the promotion department, branch managers and some substantive employees.

Marketing trends in the industry, building a promotion strategy, promotion tools, analysis and correction of the activities carried out – these are just some of the issues that were discussed during the training.

The training took place as part of the project "Conservation and restoration of the fourteenth-century castle in Lidzbark Warmiński – pearls of Gothic architecture in Poland – iii stage" implemented from funds received from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under EEA funds and funds from the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport and the Self-Government of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

Together, we work for a green, competitive and inclusive Europe.

Together we work for a Europe that is green, competitive and inclusive.

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